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Survival Courses

Scheduled courses conducted throughout the year

Basic Wilderness Survival 

This course provides students with the essential awareness and skills required to survive the statistical seventy-two hour period during which most missing person searches occur and, to participate actively in their own rescue.

1-day, 10 hours, must be 18 or older.  Skills include survival priorities and strategies, shelter craft, fire craft, signaling techniques, water acquisition and purification, knots and lashings, medical considerations and personal survival kits.  Students will also learn about the search and rescue cycle and how to become part of the team that is looking for them to assist searchers. You are not a victim, you are a first responder!

Tuition $150.00

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Post-crash Survival Training for Civil Aviators 

This course is designed for pilots and aircrew members who will face unique challenges as survivors of a small plane crash.

2-days, 1-night, must be 18 or older. Skills taught in the Basic Wilderness Survival course are included, and expanded on, to cover aircraft egress, communications, ELTs & 406 MHz beacons, making the most of a crashed airframe, search & rescue considerations, medical issues, aircrew service survival kits, personal survival kits and aircrew cooperation.

Tuition $295.00

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