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New CT Laws to take effect October 1, 2013

While most of the public is aware of the ban on, "assault weapons" and on, "high capacity magazines", the full impact of this new law will not become felt for some time. This is in part because various aspects of the law take effect on different dates until January 1, 2014 when all of the provisions take effect.

For those who do not currently possess a valid, State of Connecticut Pistol Permit

October 1, 2013 will be the date after which nobody can purchase ammunition of any kind, for any type of gun in Connecticut. When the law takes full effect, anyone wishing to participate in their shooting sport of choice will need to have obtained an, "Eligibility Certificate" either for: the purchase of ammunition, or the purchase of a rifle or shotgun. Again.....anyone with a pistol permit is already golden!

Contained in the language of this law is the requirement to complete, "an approved safety course". This means everyone will now need to have completed the NRA, Basic Pistol Safety Course, the same course previously required only for those seeking a pistol permit.

Once people catch on to what is happening, there will be a mad rush to take this course. It may take months to find an open class and once completed, obtaining an Eligibility Certificate could be very time consuming given the newness of this program and the shear numbers of people who will be applying at one time.

As such, please pass this message on to those you know who may be negatively impacted by this new law and who will eventually have to take this class. 

Firearm FAQ's

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